Health Foods

Mozuku Soup from Okinawa

Mozuku soup is soy sauce based soup (Japanese style) with“Mozuku”in it.
Soup is in a retort pouch and it is cooked. Pour hot water and stir to drink.
There are two types; with collagen and with ginger.
Mozuku :

Green Juice from Kyusyu

Nagai’s green juice is a powder made from squeezed juice of fresh barely young leaves.
All the barely young leaves are from Kyusyu area.
Since it is using squeezed juice, it dissolve completely in water.
Dissolve one pack (3g powder) in 100ml of water or milk to drink.

Brown Sugar from Okinawa

Brown sugar is a traditional sweets of Okinawa prefecture.
It is made from sugarcane from Okinawa, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, so it will help you to recover from fatigue