Seaweed-producing Area

There are mainly 5 different seaweed-producing areas in Japan.
Seaweed from each area have different taste, flavor, and texture.
The characteristics and recommended use of each seaweed is shown below.

Ariake Sea

Ariake Sea is the biggest and most famous seaweed (Nori) producing area in Japan.It is famous for the quality of seaweed produced there; the seaweed is soft and melts in your mouth.

Seto Inland Sea

The Seto inland Sea is the 2nd biggest seaweed producing area in Japan. The Seto inland Sea seaweed tend to be tough. It is does not melt easily after wrapping rice with it, so it is suited for sushi rolls that have to be kept for a while


Aichi is not very famous seaweed producing area compare to Ariake or Setouchi, since the production scale is not as big as those area, but people work on seaweed know that seaweed from Aichi is a quality seaweed. Taste, flavour and colour is good, so it can be used for Sushi, rice-ball, topping for soba and etc.


Since Miyagi is located at the northernmost seaweed producing area, so the first seaweed of the year come out from Miyagi.Roasted seaweed is famous.


Chiba used be famous as an Edo-mae (old capital city of Japan) seaweed. Taste and flavour is good