Gift Products

Assortment of Roasted and seasoned seaweed ”GOLD”

Assortment of high quality Japanese roasted and seasoned seaweed. Those are our most popular gift products.

Nagai’s finest “ISO NO KIRAMEKI”

Nagai’s finest roasted seaweed, with great taste, flavor, and colour. Using only the finest seaweed grown in the Mikawa Bay makes this seaweed very special.

Seasoned seaweed from Ariake sea “NORIZEN”

Ariake Sea is the biggest and most famous seaweed producing area in Japan, and it is famous for the quality of seaweed produced there.
Using only young leaves from Ariake Sea, “NORIZEN” is soft and melts in your mouth.

Shiitake mushroom gifts

Japanese log-grown dried Shiitake mushrooms from Ooita prefecture.
We carefully selected high quality ones to pack.
Shiitake :

Assortment of seaweed and Ocahzuke

Assortment of high quality Japanese roasted seaweed and Ochazuke pack.
Ochazuke :